Hi, I’m Jane Vickers

I am a Kinesiologist based in Bristol & I love sharing the amazing benefits of kinesiology with others.

Who I am What I do

Hello and welcome

I have 30 years experience working in the health and beauty industry and have as much passion for it today as when I started.

I work with both adults & children and I love sharing the amazing benefits of kinesiology with them. It is a joy to work with clients who are taking control of their health –  enabling them to feel more balanced, happier and healthier.

I have an international diploma in health and beauty and I am a systematic practitioner in kinesiology, trained at TASK London.

Free consultation

Find out more about how kinesiology can help you in a friendly 20 minute consultation with Jane.

What I can do for you

Gain more energy

Sleep is important as we all know, do you have problems with getting off to sleep or wake up at a certain time each night? These are very common issues that I deal with on a regular basis and I’m happy to say with lots of success.

Feel happier

Feeling emotional, anxious or depressed can be normal in certain circumstances, but when the reaction is not matching the situation it may be relevant to look at the subconscious patterns or imbalances. When you no longer want to feel a certain way and want to change, it can be extremely empowering.

Mental peace

Kinesiology enables balance in your life using many different techniques to investigate and identify stresses, physically and emotionally. Stress can prevent us enjoying life and having the benefits of good health. Definition of peace is “Freedom from disturbance; tranquillity”

Life balance

Being balanced in life makes us function in harmony so you can enjoy well-being. Think of a car when we have the wheels balanced or have a service the car works and functions much more efficiently, without compromising the other parts. This will ensure the car will have a longer life also.

Feel healthier

We prevent disease when we are happy, there is so much research to show that this is a fact. So finding your own personal way of staying positive and enjoying life will prevent you getting ill. If you feel ready for those changes kinesiology can assist you and support you for a healthier and happier life.

Happy digestive system

We rarely chew our food effectively, modern life is busy, stressful, and fast foods are on the increase and eating while we walk, work and play. The result of this is swallowing large chunks of food is causing havoc to our digestive system.

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Kinesiology can help anyone of any age, even if you are in fantastic health you may want to stay that way. It is relaxing and enjoyable and a non-invasive treatment using gentle muscle testing which detects imbalances within the bodies systems.