My personal story

Personally I have benefited massively from kinesiology. It has helped me deal effectively with stress and fatigue, as well as combat the digestion, hormonal and immune system issues I faced after having my daughter.

I really enjoy running, yoga, eating good food and wine. I love watching films and travel is wonderful. What I love most of all is spending time with my husband and daughter.

You really could say I have got a balanced zest for life.

My professional journey

I have worked in the Health and Beauty industry for 30 years. In 2006, I founded Bristol Beauty School, after many years as a Beauty Therapy lecturer at City of Bristol College. We offer professional training courses across the city.

In 2012 I began my journey as a kinesiologist which has been the most empowering experience. The tools I have been shown are helping many others to have a greater sense of well-being which is a great privilege.

I have an International Diploma in Health and Beauty and I am a Systematic Practitioner in Kinesiology trained at TASK London. I also have teaching qualifications and teach anatomy and physiology as well as body massage and other beauty therapies.