Systematic Kinesiology (Kin-easy-ology) is a natural health therapy, it works on every aspect of the whole person, structural, emotional, nutritional and energetic.

The treatment involves a full consultation. The client will be asked to lie on the couch fully clothed, it is a non- invasive totally safe and effective drug free treatment. It is relaxing and enjoyable to receive.

The basic tool within kinesiology is gentle muscle tests; it is a way of identifying any imbalances in the body by monitoring the person’s ability to hold a muscle against light pressure.  The muscle tests will relate to organs in the body and energy systems. This will allow the Kinesiologist to discover relevant factors or imbalances. Muscles testing is very effective at identifying appropriate corrections if the body is struggling to heal and balance by itself.

The body is a like a computer it knows everything about us. We are designed to heal and repair ourselves. Kinesiology investigates with the muscle test and suggestions and advice will be given which may be dietary changes, nutritional supplements, relaxation techniques and more.

Systematic Kinesiology draws a range of techniques including tradition Chinese medicine which we all know has been successfully used for thousands of years.

Kinesiology was first discovered in the 1930’s by an Orthopaedic surgeon and in the 1960’s Dr Goodheart gave it the fusion of eastern and western techniques that are used today.